Rehearsal Schedule


May 23

5:30-6:30-Review of songs from first half (Entire cast)

6:30-8:15- Run-through of first half of production (Entire cast)

A reminder that rehearsal for all cast members begins this Thursday at 5:30 and ends at 8:15.
This will be the first time we do a run through of the entire show, so it is extremely important that the entire cast be present.

There will be a brief meeting at 8:00 for all parents. At least one parent needs to bepresent. At this time you will be handed the schedule for Tech week and we will go over details about that week.

Thank you for all of your support. See you at 8:00 tonight!

-Marianne & Michele

May 30

5:30-6:30- Review of songs from second half (Entire cast)

6:30-8:15- Run-through of second half of production (Entire cast)